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We first met Risha near the hustle and bustle of a Christmassy Oxford Street on a cold evening in London.  This was late November 2011… the wedding date was to be December 3rd – yep, just days away!

But wait, I told my team a few days back that we were done, finished… no more shooting ‘till 2012!  Risha had left it very, very late!

At our initial meeting, we instantly clicked and the more I learnt about Risha, her fiancé Shaileen and their families, I knew that this was going to be a wedding to remember.  Especially within the classical halls of one of our favourite London/Heathrow hotels – Radisson Blu Edwardian.  Our final event of an amazing 2011 and we were keen to go out on a bang!

After leaving Oxford Street, I immediately set about making frantic calls to the rest of my team to ensure they were all available.  It felt like assembling the Marvel Avengers!  Great news – everyone was ready and available (even Dwiko & Rory came out of hibernation).  I asked them all to dust down their cameras and tripods for one final 2011 hurrah.  We were also thrilled to have Jermaine Chandra on board for this shoot – this guy is a huge talent!  Tom also clocked in for his first cinema role with us.

SalShan were the final jigsaw piece in Risha & Shaileen’s plans for their dream wedding.  No pressure then!

Risha is a keen dancer and has been dancing throughout her life.  We knew that their first dance was going to be something special; not your regular uncomfortable shuffle in the centre of the room.  They kept their promise.  When they eventually hit the dancefloor we had our work cut out – fast moves, fireworks, amazing lighting.  They shined, they dazzled.  They had it all!

I hope you enjoy looking through the short film and photos from our final wedding of 2011.  We have so much to share from an equally amazing 2012 – keep your eyes peeled!


Congratulations to Risha & Shaileen and their families & friends

Photography + Cinematography by SalShan

  • x4 Cinematographers (video)
  • x2 Photographers
  • Huge thanks to all our team involved!

Was great working alongside the following suppliers & vendors: