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~ La Familia ~

When filming a wedding, we usually have a good idea of what the final edit is going to be like as soon as we hit record.

For this wedding, there was altogether a different feeling. We first met Jonathan and Angelyn at the Asiana Bridal Show earlier this year and we knew right away this was to be a very special film and that the final edit would be centered around something that is important to most of us, family.

Often, weddings are stressful affairs, not to mention expensive, time consuming and quite hectic. But placing all that aside, the key elements at the centre of a wedding are simple: two people in love and family & friends join to celebrate their happiness

…oh and with this little love story let’s add an awesome venue set in the rolling hills of Vigo, great food, good music, plenty of sunshine, Columbians, Filipinos¬†and many other nationalities!

With all these great ingredients, we’re reminded once again why we love the job we do.


Blessed with gorgeous sunshine and stunning views, here are some snaps we caught along the way:

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