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Our next couple are as cool as they come.  Eilla’s a fan of Mr Choo’s creations, Rishi loves to play football on Sunday’s.  And they both have a soft spot for Lola’s Cupcakes.  Perfect!

Throughout the time we got to know them, these two evidently shared a special bond.  It’s hard to describe – their eyes just seem to ‘lock’ in a magical way for the entire duration of the three days we were filming.  And it was this unique connection that first brought Rishi & Eilla together, when they first laid eyes on each other.  Could there be a more perfect couple?

From the outset, it was quite clear they had put a lot of thought into their wedding and every last detail had to be just right.  Eilla is a keen dancer and wanted to ensure that her guests would not only enjoy a first-dance to remember, but as a special surprise for Rishi, perform a dance routine with a group of professional Bollywood dancers.  Rishi was not as confident when it came to the first-dance.  But, equally mindful to impress his fiance and would be guests, he swapped his muddy football boots for dancing shoes and joined Eilla to attend a series of dance classes to practice.  It was at this point that me and Rory headed to London to join Rishi & Eilla at the penultimate class, a few days before the wedding.

The wedding itself was a fun affair, spanning two sunny days during June this year.  The Hindu ceremony took place in Watford at the Bhaktivedanta Manor, home of the Hare Krishna movement.  That morning we arrived a little too early – so we took time out to look around the vast grounds surrounding the Temple, whilst tucking into a plate of chips and ketchup!

Day Two involved the main reception party at the VIP Lounge in Edgware.  The stage was finally set for Rishi & Eilla to perform their amazing first-dance.  It was great to see them dazzle together at that moment – having known how much it meant to them.  I’m pleased to report their routine went down a huge success!

After that, the night was filled with great entertainment, an awesome live band and non-stop DJ music laid on for their family and guests.  Oh, and in true Eilla style – a further two spectacular outfit changes!


(the following are behind the scenes photos, all taken using our iPhone)

Congratulations to Rishi & Eilla and their families & friends

Cinematography by SalShan

  • x2 Cinematographers (video)
  • Huge thanks to all our team involved!

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